Women Feeling Frustrated & Unfulfilled!

Are you ready to become AWARE there really is a reason why you’re feeling frustrated, unfulfilled, and not as happy you’d like to?

“Though women now have the liberty to choose whichever life they’d like, many are struggling in their pursuit of a happy life.”
Thomas Jefferson

We were astonished to discover in a U.S. General Social Survey, taken over a 40 year period starting in 1972, that women’s happiness declines as they age. After the age of 47, men are happier than women. Hey, that’s not fair, we took on more responsibilities and they’re happier!

In another study on women’s happiness, these questions were asked.
Have you ever ask yourself these questions?

  • How satisfied are you with your marriage?
  • How satisfied are you with the things you own?
  • How satisfied are you with your finances?

Research confirms, once again, women begin their lives more satisfied than men, and wind up less satisfied after the age of 47. We knew there had to be something going on, because we felt the frustrations, too.

We share our mid-forties experiences and frustrations in this video.

Both of us had slightly different life paths, however, we both started having thoughts during our 40’s that allowed us to go down the same path for the answers. We didn’t want to be that “grumpy old woman”, we just wanted to Bee Happy, but not sure what to do about it. Now we know! We’ll share those secrets with you in the other two videos. You can view all 3 Free  Happiness Gap Videos here.

Through research, we’ve found what’s hijacking women’s happiness after the age of 47. The best part is: You’re not alone! There’s hope! It is common for you to feel frustrated and unfulfilled. I believe knowing that you are not alone is important. You can now feel comfortable discussing this with other women.

We’re here to educate you in WHY you are feeling frustrated and unfulfilled.

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