The Power of Reconnective Healing

A testimonial Shared by Sophia Alexiadi from Athens, Greece.
Sophia is a Reconnective Healing Foundational Practitioner

Every healing story is unique and every single one of them is inspiring. This is the healing story of a woman suffering from liver cancer.

She was diagnosed with the dis-ease about seven months before her daughter contacted me. I was introduced to the daughter through a client of mine and a common friend. I will refer to this woman suffering from liver cancer as the mother.

The mother was also suffering from severe pain. She was taking strong medication for it. This actually was the reason that I was asked to facilitate Reconnective Healing for her: to ease her pain. The cancer was at an advanced stage and the doctors couldn’t find a way to help the recovery of the liver to a healthier level.

It was expected that the liver would not be healed, but they wanted very much that her pain would be reduced so that she could be released from this unbearable, as I was told daily pain. The mother was living in the countryside, and quite far from my Athens practice, so we scheduled a Reconnective Healing distance session.

I explained to the daughter that some of the sensations most commonly

observed by people who receive Reconnective Healing and that, however, they might feel these sensations or they might not. I did informed them about this so they understood that these sensations are natural to RH and nothing to be concerned or worried about when they feel them. Another thing I told them, amongst the other things I explained to her, was to be in a mindset of open expectancy.

The next morning after the first session I received a call from the daughter. Her mother described to her how, during the session, she felt her liver vibrate strongly for some minutes.

The pain subsided and, over the days that followed, there was a significant relief from the pain. Only a few days after this Reconnective Healing session, the daughter took her mother to the hospital to have medical exams done. The doctor told them that the results showed something that he was witnessing for the first time!

In an incredible way, the cancer had completely disappeared from the liver. The liver was healthy and functioning properly. As I recall, the daughter told me excitedly that, according to the doctor, to see a liver in such a great condition would have been something expected in someone at a much younger age!
The liver was not only healed, but it was also rejuvenated!

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