The Happiness Gap – Video 2

Is your brain hijacking your happiness?

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 “The Happiness Gap” Created Just for YOU!

Video 2 of this 3 part series

In this video…

  • Your dueling brain is hijacking your happiness.  Dueling brain, what’s that?! The Amygdala (unconscious reactions – fight or flight and looking for problems) and the Pre-frontal Cortex (reasoning – problem solver) portions of the brain are in a battle. This battle (looking for problems, looking for solutions, looking for what’s wrong) is messing with your happiness and causing you great stress.  In the last 40 years, even though you have had more opportunities (due to the Equal Rights Movement), you are unable to emotionally handle all of them and still be in a balanced state.  Simply, our plate is full.
  • Be introduced to The Bitch and The Queen. When you are in the battle, you are the Bitch. The happy Queen shows up when the war is over.  Research tells us about how you train your brain to create happiness or not.
  • It’s time to do something different!  You’ve spent years training your brain to operate in the Bitch. Let’s retrain the brain to Bee Happy! Ready?


You will discover …

  • How to quiet the Bitch. Once you become aware of how your beliefs, thoughts and emotions affect your happiness, you will be able to quiet the Bitch. YES! Let’s do it!
  • A very simple tool you can use immediately. You will be able to retrain the brain and operate from The Queen. Can’t Wait!
  • Your next step is to Close the Happiness Gap I’m Ready!

CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO 3 – Quieting the Bitch!


The Happiness Advantage
Work of Professors Richard Easterlin and Anke Plagnol
Huntington Post article by Marcus Buckingham

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