Bee Happy Online Course Offer

4 Weeks to Muzzle the “Menopause Mess”

Are you too tired and confused to figure out “How to Bee Happy” before, during and after “Menopause Mess”?

Does it seem Life’s Rules have changed and you did not get your copy of them? Are you afraid this is “as good as it gets”? Do you feel you have been settling? You’re happy, but what if…. you could be happier?  You don’t know, what you don’t know!
Maybe it’s time to Invest in You!

Then we created the Bee Happy Online Course just for YOU!

Your Queen Bees personally invite you to BEE HAPPY or BEE HAPPIER!

 “The key to creating change in life is to get honest about where you are right now. This is not the time to beat yourself up. It is a time to become aware of your level of happiness. Once you discover where you are, then your Queen Bees can support you in reaching a higher level of happiness in all areas of your life.”

We’ve been there…

Fifteen years ago, we felt the same damn way. What in the world is happening to me? My body wasn’t my friend any more, my kids were gone, and dang, my husband was happy, why wasn’t I? I was feeling frustrated, empty, and tired. I was stuck in a rut, feeling powerless. Yet, we couldn’t go to our mothers to get answers, because they weren’t happy. All we knew was… we wanted to let go of the “grumpy, old lady” belief. Like you, we just wanted to be happy. We wanted to get off our emotional roller coaster. We wanted to discover a way to find time to put ourselves first, without feeling guilty. Just get back in control of our lives and find a way to love ourselves again.

We have good news…

We are over 60 and happy! We wake up every day and choose happiness. Like they say, “When mama’s happy, everybody’s happy.” We’ve made time to put ourselves first. We no longer hold onto the old, unproductive beliefs about what is possible. We are experiencing better relationships, better health, more wealth, and loving ourselves became easy. Most importantly, we want everyone to feel empowered to choose happiness and reap it’s benefits. We are thrilled to share what we have learned, to make a positive impact on women’s lives throughout the world.

Please remember…

We understand exactly what you are feeling and experiencing. We can show you exactly what it takes to get to the other side.

“Because the bottom line is, we’ve been there, done that, bought the T-Shirt and you can do it, too!”

Why we created the program…

Let us tell you how we came about creating The Bee Happy Course. We have been students of Happiness for 15 years. We have read books, listened to CDs, attended seminars, hired coaches, and tested many different Happiness techniques. Along the way, we discovered our emotions create our thoughts and beliefs about ourselves. We learned letting go of the unproductive emotions was the key to changing our beliefs about what is possible. We became students of emotional releasing, yet we knew something was missing from those processes, created by men. We discovered women respond differently to their emotional midlife experiences than men. In response to this difference, The Queen Bee Process was created by women for women to bee happy. The Bee Happy Course was developed to teach you the Queen Bee Process to let go of those old, nasty beliefs, so you can have new, happy beliefs. For your convenience, this is a 4 week, online Course for you to experience in the comfort of your own home.

The Bee Happy Course focuses on Muzzling the “Menopause Mess” by …

Letting go – Clearing your mind Forgiveness – Opening your heart Being enough and gratitude – Feeding your soul

“To be clear: this is not a course you just buy and sit aside. Like birth control, when you use it, it works.”

The results you can have …

Clarity on what you really want Freedom from past unproductive beliefs Enhanced relationships Greater wealth Better health Greater love for yourself Confidence to speak up A balanced, peaceful, happy life

This Bee Happy Course is for you if…

You’re a woman between the ages of 40 and 65 You haven’t felt truly happy in years You’re frustrated as heck with your body You’re unhappy with your health issues You’re settling for your mediocre relationships (we’re not advocating divorce) You’re feeling unappreciated and unfulfilled You’re in a job you don’t really like You’re ready to muzzle the “Menopause Mess” You’re 100% committed to being happy

This Bee Happy Course is NOT for you if…

You’re not willing to commit the time it takes to complete the Course You’re not willing to invest in yourself You’re too afraid and not willing to change You’re too negative You’re too caught up in your everyday drama You’re not willing to take responsibility for your own happiness

This 4 Week Course includes…

4 Sessions with Buzz Sheet and Audio downloads for each Session FREE Sweet Success Journal 4 Bonus health, wealth, relationship, and spiritual building audios, guiding you through letting go of the unproductive thoughts and beliefs A step by step Instructional Video Saying goodbye to the “Menopause Mess”

The Bee Happy Course is available and ready for you to purchase Now.

But wait, there’s more …

In addition to the 24/7 access to the basic Bee Happy Course to review over and over, at your leisure.
Thank You Body Meditation (Value $9.99) – A Meditation to start your day to be relaxed and grateful for the rest of the day!
12 Steps to Confidence EBook (Value $25.00) – Simple steps to gain confidence.
3 Video Series about letting go of Stress – To Bee or Not To Bee Stressed (Value $79.00) – Discover the ins and outs of stress and what to do about it.
3 Meditations to Close The Happiness Gap (Value of $149.00) – Meditations on Health, Wealth, and Happy Relationships

Take your first step to Muzzle the “Menopause Mess”.
Purchase your Bee Happy Course today for only $597.00!

 Our Bee Happy Course works when you do …

We want to let you know this is a no-refund course. The reason we include this is because we know this process works and we’ve found the ones who are willing to jump in and be committed from day one, always do amazingly. If there’s any doubt this might not be for you, (review “The Bee Happy Course is not for you if” section of this letter) then we can tell you, it’s not for you just yet. If so, we hope to see you on one of our future courses when it is the right time for you!


How can I contact you, if I have a question? By email:

How will the course be delivered? Once you click on the Purchase Button and pay, you will receive an email with all the Course download instructions.

Can I do it wrong? Nope!

How long before I start to feel happier? Once you learn how to let go, using our technique, you will get immediate results.

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