Reconnective Healing and You! Part 5

What to Expect Before, During, and After a Session?

When You Arrive for Your Reconnective Healing Session

Once you purchase your session you’ll come to Luminosity Wellness Center, located at 2400 N. Tenaya Way, Las Vegas, NV.  You can expect us to meet you at the front reception area and bring you back to our cozy Reconnective Healing room. You can dress in comfortable clothes or come in your suit. It doesn’t really matter. We’ll let you know you can keep all your jewelry and clothes on. We suggest you remove your glasses and shoes. If you are chilly, we have blankets to keep you warm and cozy. We want you to have the best experience possible during this Reconnective Healing session.

We Do Not Diagnose!

You’ll fill out a waiver, because we are not doctors, psychologist, psychiatrists or any other kind of medical practitioner. We do not diagnose any diseases or illness. My job is to get out of the way and allow you to reconnect to your optimum health and happiness. Whatever is in your highest good at the time.

Be Open, With No Expectations.

You’ll lie on a massage table, with your eyes closed. (Sometimes people are curious and want to peek. That’s ok too.) For 30 minutes we’ll be interacting with the frequencies. We’ll be creating an entrainment, as discussed in a previous video. We suggest you come in without any expectations. Just be open for whatever takes place. Your subconscious knows what you need the most.

Everyone is Different.

There is never any two people who have the same experience. Some feel, hear, and see a lot of different “things”. Others have none of these experiences. However, everyone has experienced deep relaxation, some an actual feeling of peace. NO MATTER WHAT, WHATEVER IS IN YOUR HIGHEST GOOD IS TAKING PLACE!

Continue watching this amazing video series for more answers!

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Quieting the Bitch! – Beliefs and Patterns Influence Behavior

Your life experiences create your beliefs and patterns.

Patterns, beliefs and customs influence behavior, which affect your dueling brain.  Change your beliefs and you change your world. Let’s STOP THIS MADNESS! Let’s quiet the Bitch!

Discover how to quiet the Bitch and awaken the Queen by retraining your brain. Stop focusing on what’s not working (negative thoughts) and start focusing on what’s working (positive thoughts). Wow, what if it really does work? (It does.) In the Post “Your Dueling Brains are Hijacking Your Happiness”, we shared a few tips on how to change your thoughts so you can create better results in your life.

Awareness is the first key to changing your thoughts.

It takes practice to implement this first step. I still catch myself thinking of what I don’t want. At least now I catch myself and can switch the thought to what I do want. Your brain is probably the most powerful tool you have. Learn how to master your brain and you will have mastered life. I believe there are only a very few people who are really good at this. You don’t have to be perfect, just keep practicing and you will get to experience more peace and joy than you might believe is possible.

Now we share a simple, empowering exercise you can use immediately to awaken the Queen! It is as easy as committing to 5 minutes a day to practice the “3 Happy Things a Day” exercise. Research reveals, after two weeks of doing this exercise, people become immediately happier and it is a lasting happiness. Yeah!

What is it you ultimately want in life?

If you come down to the core of it all, most people will say “to be happy”. You’ve had many years of influence that causes you to be unhappy in certain areas of your life. This is what creates your beliefs and patterns. By the time you are 8 years old you’ve formed up to 85% of all your beliefs! This means you are operating as an adult from the beliefs of an 8 year old.

The Bitch tends to take over and you may not even know why.

Practicing these simple exercises we’ve given you will put you on the path to quieting the Bitch and awakening the Queen.  There is no good reason for you to have your happiness decline. We’re here to make sure you have what you need to become happier in all areas of your life,

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Cheri Hickman is the co-founder of Queen Bee Biz. As a life coach and emotional releasing expert, she along with her business partner, Vicki Kallman, support women over 40 to Bee Happy before during and after menopause. They take you from Grumpy to Happy in 60 seconds! Click here for 24/7 happiness.