Reconnective Healing and You! Part 2

What are the many benefits of having a Reconnective Healing ® session?

What a great question! The Reconnective Healing benefits are varied and infinite. It is important for you to understand, everyone experiences the world differently. Therefore, everyone also processes the Reconnective Healing frequencies in their own way. Your benefits from a RH session will be unique to you! How wonderful is that?

The Reconnective Healing benefits are:

    • balance
    • harmony
    • peace of mind
    • clarity
    • self-healing
    • optimal health

To add to that, many of our clients have experienced being more focused and feeling more empowered from their RH sessions. Another benefit, some clients feel more in control of their lives with less stress. Remember, when a body lets go of stress, it is in a healthier environment for self-healing to occur with a return to optimal health. Sometimes immediately after a session, clients have shared that they are pain free for the first time in years.  When it comes to your emotional and physical wellness, feeling less stress allows you to easily make healthier choices ! Your fear driven resistance seems to melt away!

Remember the self-healing you receive is in your highest good.

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