Reconnective Healing and You – Part 1

What You’ve Been Asking

Friends and family are always asking us questions to get a better understanding of what Reconnective Healing is all about.

We’ve created this video series to answer the questions that are most often asked, such as:

Reconnective Healing® is still healthcare’s best-kept secret.

Ana Clavell, our fellow practitioner, explains it this way. “When trying to explain what Reconnective Healing is, somehow it’s easier to explain what it’s not: it’s not a modality nor a method, it’s not a treatment nor a therapy, it doesn’t diagnose, and the practitioner’s hands have no need to physically touch the person.” “There’s no incense burning, no candle lighting, no music, no amulets of any kind. This is accessing a comprehensive spectrum of frequencies that live in a scientific field that we are all a part of. Keeping ourselves [practitioners] free from our own preconceived notions and beliefs while facilitating a healing is key to how well Reconnective Healing works,” adds Dr. Eric Pearl, its founder. Ana continues, “As the emerging field of Energy Healthcare continues to take shape, most will agree that Reconnective Healing is clearly in the forefront and a cut above the rest.”

Continue watching this 6 part series to find the answers to your questions. Click here for the benefits of Reconnective Healing.

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