Menopause Secret #5 To Bee Happy

Ladies, it is possible to Bee Happy before, during and after menopause, if you follow these 7 Secrets. Receive gifts from family and friends with gratitude. It doesn’t matter what the gift is, just know the person thought enough of you to want to give you something. Be grateful that you actually have people in your life that care for you. So here is Secret #5, “Bee a Grateful Receiver!”

Growing up I experienced my mom and aunt always arguing with the other whenever one was going to pay for everything. Neither one would allow the other to pay. Doesn’t it take two to give and receive? In the Far East, it is an insult not to accept a gift. It really does make sense. It takes someone to receive a gift, in order to give a gift.

In essence, I always felt guilty accepting gifts from others. How did the other person feel when I wouldn’t accept their gift? How do you feel when someone turns down a gift from you?

Secret #5 – Receive with gratitude and honor the giver.

I really “got it” after I was told “it takes someone to receive a gift to give a gift”. Now I just say “thank you”. I appreciate the thought and gesture. Receiving a gift with gratitude is the biggest gift you can give the giver.  You might be wondering where all that comes from.  You can find some of the answers in our Free Video Series called The Happiness Gap.

I believe we decline gifts because we feel as though we don’t deserve them. When you get right down to the bottom of it, I would bet this is why. I’ve decided this way of thinking is really selfish, because I’m only thinking of myself in that scenario. Think about the person offering the gift. They want to do something nice for you and here you are refusing?!

In other words, stop being rude when someone is giving you something. Accept the gift and thank them with the deepest sincerity. You’ll realize you are doing them a favor by accepting their offer with gratitude. You’ll Bee Happier knowing you feel good enough about yourself to do this.  Vicki and I created the Free Video Series called The Happiness Gap, so you can understand why you do some of what you do and how to Bee Happier, even pre-, during, and post Menopause!

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Cheri and Vicki are your Queen Bees and co-founders of Queen Bee Biz. As Ambassadors for Happiness, they support amazing women over 40 to be emotional ready to have fun and Bee Happy before, during, and after the “Big Change”. 4 Weeks to Muzzle the Menopause Mess! Click here to show you how!

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