Reconnective Healing and You- Science of Frequencies! Part 4

What is the science (Energy, Light and Information Frequencies) behind Reconnective Healing?

*Reconnective Healing is made up of a spectrum of energy, light and information frequencies.
We all know we are energetic bodies as well as physical bodies.  We are finally understanding how frequency and vibration are the way everything communicates at a quantum level. Reconnective Healing and the practitioner work as a bridge between the frequencies around us and the ones that bind our bodies together. Sort like a conversation at an invisible level. This exchange of information is a process called entrainment which is when two particles start to vibrate at the same rate.

*Reconnective Healing also effects positive changes in our DNA.
In experiments and in the field, human DNA exposed to Reconnective Healing and the frequencies it uses repairs and restructures ( reconnects) in a move to a balanced state. To learn more about the studies on Reconnective Healing, click here.

*Excerpts from “Five Things You Need to Know About Reconnective Healing” by Ana Clavell

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