Reconnective Healing and You! Part 3

Is It For Me?

 Can Reconnective Healing Really Work For Me?

Yes, it can work for you! No matter what you experience on the table, at the time of the session, whatever is in your highest good takes place. You may have come in for a physical ailment, however, what was in your highest good was an emotional issue. After you’ve had a session, the process keeps unfolding. We’ll ask you to keep a record of any changes you notice over the next few days or so.  One of my clients thought nothing really took place, yet after discussing it with her, she realized her chronic knee pain was gone. Since she didn’t have the pain any more she forgot she used to have it, until it was brought up to her.

It works in all areas of your life: Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual

What it can do for you is:

  • Eliminate physical issues
  • Create a peaceful, relaxing feeling, eliminating stress, anger, worry, etc.
  • Relieve mental issues
  • Enhance your spiritual awareness.

Whatever Takes Place, IT STICKS!

A single Reconnective Healing Session may be all you need! Reconnective Healing can help bring about lasting, permanent change after just one session. It only takes one to three sessions for any specific issue. You decide if and when you want to have another session. “There’s no hook, no session package pre-buying, no mandated follow-up visits unless you want to,” says Dr. Pearl. “We suggest a maximum of three sessions, and then allowing the healing to continue to unfold on its own.”

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