Reconnective Healing and You- Distance Healings! Part 6

Can you do distance healing sessions for my love ones in other states?

The answer to distance healing session question is YES! It maybe hard to believe but it does matter if the person is in front of us or across the country. There is a strong frequency connection no matter the distance. This is usually the most convenient method for our clients, since they can have a session in their own home. Yes, it can be that easy with amazing results.

Cheri and I both have RH clients all over the US.  All of them have reaped the many fabulous benefits we discussed in video 2.  For example, being less stressed, having more clarity, courage, and health.  Overall, a since of well-being and balance is experienced.

How can a distance healing session be effective?

*Typically, people receiving Reconnective Healing from a distance report that the energy they perceive is very strong. Many even feel that the practitioner is standing in the room with them. “This may be an effect of entrainment.  Remember, that’s when two particles start vibrating at the same rate. Being a multi-dimensional–based discipline, the frequencies that enable the healing to take place probably do not recognize time or space as constraints,” Dr. Eric Pearl (founder of Reconnective Healing) further informs us.

*Excerpts from Five Things You Need to Know About Reconnective Healing by Ana Clavell

This is the last video in our Reconnective Healing and You Video Series! Feel free to go back and listen to the other 5 videos!

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