Menopause Secret #2 to Bee Happy

Ladies, it is possible to Bee Happy before, during and after menopause, if you follow these 7 Secrets. How often do you spend time with yourself? I don’t mean by yourself, I mean with yourself. So many of us spend all our time being busy! We are working, cleaning, repairing, and sometimes we even sleep never putting ourselves first.  This is why we created Secret #2, Decide and Put Yourself First!

Are you like I was? I spent all my time taking care of the house, the kids, my work, and going to school. I would get an average of 5 hours of sleep a night. Good thing I was young then. I have a hard time with less than 7 hours of sleep now.

The first time a personal coach asked me what I wanted for ME, it took me three weeks to even figure out somewhat of an answer. Everything I was coming up with was for the family. That was when I started thinking about me. That was when I took a really good look at what MY life was all about. Yes, it is still about family and friends, however it is also about ME.

Secret #2 – Put yourself first. You need to care for you before you can truly care for others. Besides, it feels so gooood!

These realizations seem to show about the time you are in your early 40’s. It’s called pre-menopause. Being aware that it is normal to start looking at YOU during this time in your life is quite normal. You are not alone! Vicki and I have created a free Video Series called the Happiness Gap  where we share why you start to think about your life and what you are doing with it at this stage of the game.

Now I will spend the money to get a massage, take quality supplements, and have fun. I take time to sit in the Jacuzzi or soak in the tub and meditate. I take time to be thankful for all the wonderful people in my life and the material wealth. I take time to educate myself so I can keep enjoying life more and more.

So HOW do you find time to accomplish the things that you enjoy?! Between family, work, and whatever else, HOW do you find your “me”  time? You DECIDE to take your “me” time. No matter how busy your schedule is, you set YOU as a priority and work around it. You let the family know that at a specific time during the day, you are going to be unavailable. You are going to be spending time with YOU.

Learn to TREAT yourself to the things that you enjoy and that will enrich your body and your life. You’ll find more answers in our free video series, The Happiness Gap. ENJOY!

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Cheri and Vicki are your Queen Bees and co-founders of Queen Bee Biz. As Ambassadors for Happiness, they support amazing women over 40 to be emotional ready to have fun and Bee Happy before, during, and after the “Big Change”. 4 Weeks to Muzzle the Menopause Mess! Click here to show you how!

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