Menopause Secret #7 to Bee Happy

Menopause Secret #7

Ladies, it is possible to be happy before, during and after menopause, if you follow all 7 Menopause Secrets to Bee Happy. Unless you want to move to a deserted island for about 10 years, it is critical for you to do everything possible to be happy during your menopausal years. If you do not put yourself first and choose to be happy using our other 6 secrets, your friends, co-workers and family will be dragged through your despair with you.

So please take the time to understand Secret #7 – “Everyone wins when you are happy!” The flip side to that is. “Everyone suffers when you are not happy.”

Is it true that my mood and attitude has a ripple effect on people I have contact with every day? Yes, it is true. Your mood affects other people. Emotions are energy in motion. We are an emotional body as well as a physical body.

Think of a time when you walked into a room after someone had an heated argument, can’t you just feel the crappy energy. Immediately,  you start to feel uncomfortable. Don’t you just want to leave and run away from all the icky stuff! The same holds true with being around a happy person. When you walk into a party and you see people laughing in the corner of the room, don’t you want to go over and see what they are laughing about and be apart of the fun? Yes- your emotions affect those around you 24/7. Let’s repeat that again- YOUR EMOTIONS AFFECT THOSE AROUND YOU!

We all know that “special” pessimistic someone who is hard to be around. They drag you down and you feel emotionally drained after an hour with them. We also know the loving, positive someone that you really enjoy to be around! Just being around them feels you with joy!  Which one are you?? It is not the time to beat your self up.  We know your emotions can be on the edge when you are going through those menopause years. We have been there!! Cheri and I are here to help you to find your ultimate happiness and keep it!  This information is to make you aware to make the changes. Remember–First, we must become aware, so we can change!

With that understanding in mind, we all want to feel loved. We all want our love ones to be happy.  Make your happiness a priority.  Choosing to be happy allows everyone to benefit. Use all the other 6 Secrets to support you to choose to be happy. Also, Cheri and I have online courses to further support you in making those changes. Check out our FREE Happiness Gap Video Series to continue on your path to be the happiest person you know!

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Vicki Kallman is the co-founder of Queen Bee Biz.  As a life coach and emotional releasing expert, she along with her business partner, Cheri Hickman, support women over 40 to Bee Happy before during and after menopause.  They take you from Grumpy to Happy in 60 seconds! Click here for  24/7 happiness. 

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