Let Go of Your Joy Busting Expectations – Holiday Tip #3

Holiday Tip #3 for Wonderful Experience!

Please view this video and you will learn:
You cannot control anyone’s happiness but your own!
“People are going to do what they are going to do, and they won’t do what they won’t do!”
Let go of trying to control anyone or anything this holiday!
Create new holiday traditions! We are never to old to do something different this year!

Allow the holidays to just flow and remember to Choose Happiness!
Tis the season for Love and Joy and make that a priority!

Happy Holidays from your Queen Bees!

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Cheri and Vicki are your Queen Bees and co-founders of Queen Bee Biz.  As Ambassadors for Happiness, they support amazing women over 40 to be emotional ready to have fun and bee happy before during and after the “Big Change”. Go from Grumpy to Happy in 60 seconds! Click here to show you how

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