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Cheri and Vicki have created the ultimate products for your emotional wellness, now available in our Joy Store.

Yes, I am ready to BEE HAPPY with more JOY in my LIFE!

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Thank you Body meditation for Joy Store

Thank You Body Meditation, by Vicki Kallman

Thanking your body through this guided, 10 minute meditation allows you to enhance the healing of your body. You will feel expanded, relaxed, and happier with every part of your body. The way you think about your body creates the results your body has, regarding health, strength, and endurance. By thanking your body, you will experience better health and feel stronger. $9.99

The Sweet Spot Touch Downloads, by Cheri Hickman

Where you will discover why and how the Sweet Spot Touch works. The Sweet Spot Touch is a physical tapping on meridian points that remove the emotional blocks which cause you to struggle with Relationships, Health, and Finances. There is a guided release that will allow you to release whatever issues you are struggling with at this time. You will be able to use this release at any time and anywhere, so you can stop the struggle with your Relationships, Health, and/or Finances. $25.00

Abundance Now Download, by Vicki Kallman

An introduction to the Sweet Success Technique, Morning Sweeten-Up Guided Release and Evening Abundance Guided Release. In this download, you will be guided through our emotional “Let It Go Now” process to take you from “I Can’t to I Can” by removing your emotional blocks to your abundance. Perfect for anyone who has struggled with their finances and cannot seem to get ahead. Learn to feel the emotional blocks and let them go, so you can flow to your sweet success and joy. $25.00

Make My Day, by Cheri Hickman

The perfect gift set for someone who has everything. Three amazing, 4’x6″, 60 page inspirational booklets, easy to pop in your purse or pocket to view daily. The objective is to open any of the booklets each morning to whatever page happens to open and it will be the perfect message for you for the day. The inspirations are meant to support you throughout your day so you can be happy.
Make My Day: A Daily Message to Manifest Abundance
Make My Day: A Daily Message for Love, Peace, and Happiness
Make My Day: A Daily Message to Discover the Incredible You

The Bee Happy Online Course
Your Ultimate Ticket to Happiness

Your Queen Bees personally invite you to BEE HAPPY!
“The key to creating change in life is to get honest about where you are right now. This is not the time to beat yourself up. It is a time to become aware of your level of happiness. Once you discover where you are, then your Queen Bees can support you in reaching a higher level of happiness in all areas of your life.”

The results you can have …
Clarity on what you really want
Freedom from past unproductive beliefs
Better health
Confidence to speak up
A balanced, peaceful life
This 4 week course includes…
4 Sessions with Buzz Sheet and Audio downloads for each Session
FREE Sweet Success Journal
4 Bonus health, wealth, relationship, and spiritual building audios, guiding you through letting go of the unproductive thoughts and beliefs
A step by step Instructional Video on letting go

Just for YOU!
BEE-ING ENOUGH Custom Advanced Package
Your BEE-LIEFS CHANGE when you do!

This custom session and download package is perfect for you, if:
You are ready to accept you are enough.
You are ready to have a private, one on one session with your emotional wellness experts, Cheri and Vicki
You are ready to let go of your old, yucky, limiting beliefs, which are causing you to struggle and feel stuck.
You are ready to have an awesome, super duper, fabulous life!
This includes…
A private 60 minute Queen Bee Brainstorming Session with Cheri and Vicki (by phone or by Skype),. to discover your limiting, not enough bee-liefs.
We’ll guide you through a Sweet Success Release and a Sweet Spot Touch Release based on what you discover what is causing your limiting, not enough bee-liefs.  We’ll end with a custom meditation.
You’ll receive a recording of your Brainstorming Session, the Releases, and Meditation IMMEDIATELY after the calls, so you can listen to them anytime, anywhere.
Your Sweet Spot Touch Technique instructional video and template.
So you Can…
Clear your mind – Let go of your old, limiting bee-liefs
Open your heart – To embrace your new “I am enough” bee-liefs
Feed your soul – Feel enough

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