Happiness In The Workplace

Why would you even want to consider something as silly as Happiness in the workplace?

Well, where would you rather work?  In an environment that is full of chaos and stress or someplace where they focus on happiness?

Shawn Anchor has studied Happiness for over 20 years. He shares the benefits of focusing on happiness in the workplace.  Shawn travels the world speaking about why people are stressed and how to create a Happy workplace environment.

You can check out his book: The Happiness Advantage.

Think about these scenarios:

You know when you walk into an office or business what the feeling of the place is, right?

Are you greeted with a pleasant smile and greeting? Or a mumbling, “What do you want?”

I know I would rather be in a place where the staff is pleasant and helpful.

If you are a business owner, it would be extremely beneficial to discover what it takes for your staff to be happy, starting with yourself. The energy of a workplace really does start from the top.

Some benefits to a happy workplace include:

Happy people have less sick days

Happy people are more creative, Happiness stimulates the part of the brain that activates more creativity, which means you can come up with more solutions to issues.

Happy people create an environment where clients and customers want to come back.  Which means customer retention, which means more profit.

Everybody wins!

All it takes is one grumpy person to set a negative tone in an office or business.  Of course, it works the other way too.  It takes only one happy person to set a positive tone.

We all have an 8 foot energy ring around us. Which means, when you are in a room full of people everyone’s energy is overlapping each others.

You know how you feel when there is someone grumpy next to you.  You just want to move away from that person.

Why are some people happy and others grumpy?  It comes down to their thoughts and what they are focusing on throughout the day. Shawn goes into depth on how your thoughts affect your actions which affect your results.

So how do you change this mind set?

It’s called 3 Good Things Every Day.

Every day, preferably about the same time every day, write down 3 good things from that day.  If you have an issue finding 3 good things, think about your home/house, that you actually woke up and can walk, talk, and see. Think about what you are grateful for: food, clothes, car, the beauty of the outside, you have water, heat, AC, and anything that feels good.  After a while you’ll find it’s easy to come up with 3 good things. After time you’ll be writing down way more than 3.

Do this for 30 days and see how you mindset changes for the better.

Take this exercise to work and have your staff or fellow workers do this too.  You could be the one that changes the business world’s environment!

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