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Congratulations on taking a step towards Closing Your Happiness Gap!

We’re providing the first portion of our Closing the Happiness Gap Sweet Success Package, so you can have a taste of what’s in store for you, should you choose to continue on your path to sweeten the results you create in your life!

Please take the Happiness Level Check before starting.

You always need to know where you are before you can get to where you want to go.

Time for Your Happiness Level Check! Put a number from 1 to 10, with 10 being the happiest for each question. This will give you a beginning level of happiness. Once you have completed the Audios and Action Steps, please come back and answer these questions again, to see your progress.

How happy are you?
___ with your health
___ with your body
___ with your mental
___ with your finances
___ with your career or retirement
___ with your spouse or loved one
___ with your coworker or others
___ with yourself

Please, keep this important information in your journal or your notebook.
This is the time to be honest with your happiness.

Session 1 – Happiness and Health

Session 1 – Vicki and Cheri introduce themselves, review why it is important to Close the Happiness Gap, give a quick review of the videos, and provide an in-depth view of why there is a Gap. We share an Action Step to support you in Closing the Gap by retraining the brain. Good health is the focus of this audio. We support one of our participants with an issue she is having.

Click the link below for Session 1
Revised Closing the Happiness Gap SS Pkg Session 1

3 Tips to Begin Your Meditation Practice  PDF

Click the link below for your Introduction to Meditation
“CHG Introduction to Meditation”

We’re sharing our first Action Step with you, to support you in your decision to move forward in retraining your brain. You now have a very simple tool available to create fabulous results in your health, wealth, and relationships!

Action Step – 1st Call

Thank you for participating on the first “Closing The Happiness Gap” conference call.

Attached are the links for the 2 audios (A simple Introduction to Meditation and a Simple Guided Meditation) and the “3 Tips to Begin Your Meditation” handout for you to immediately take action on your journey to retrain your brain.

Retraining the brain takes daily action steps to accomplish. Your Queen Bees are dedicated to doing something on a daily basis to keep ourselves in a happy place. We’re providing this suggestion so you can get and stay in a happy place too.

Read the “3 Tips to Begin Your Meditation” handout –3 Tips to Begin Your Meditation Practice  PDF

  1. Listen to the Introduction to Meditation audio
    “CHG Introduction to Meditation”
  2. Listen to the Simple Guided Medditation
    To download the “Simple Guided Meditation”, invest in our Closing the Happiness Gap Sweet Success Package – Now Only $97.00

Remember, meditation expands the prefrontal cortex. Only a few minutes a day is one of the most powerful interventions to experience happiness and calm, retrain the brain, lower stress and improve your immune function.

Yes, I’m Ready to Invest In My Happiness Now!
Click here for your Sweet Success Package – Only $97.00!


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