Your Reason For Existence Needs No Justification

One way to get through all the menopause emotions is to focus on what brings you happiness. Your hormones are running wild, which means this might be easier said than done. That is why we have guided, online courses to support you in focusing on what you want and to quite the Bitch, so you can be the Queen you deserve to be.

“Your reason for existence needs no justification, for your existence is justification enough.  You are a creator and the subject of your creation is your joyful life experience.  That is your mission. That is your quest.  That is why you are here.”  –          Abraham-Hicks

When you feel or “Be”, then you “Do”, you will “Have”

I love this quote.  It says it all!  We need no justification.  Many of us spend an unnecessary amount of time searching for our purpose.   Looking for the reason we are here.  Wondering what it is that we should be doing with our lives.

All that we really need to do is whatever makes us happy.  Whatever we want to experience at any particular time.  Whatever makes us happy will lead us to what we are here for.  Doing what is joyous puts us in alignment with who we really are.  Being in alignment allows us to allow all the good things in.

You are the creator.  If you have the desire, you have the ability to achieve it.  Expect opportunities to come your way.  You don’t need to have the capability, skills or intelligence.  Those will show up.  Be grateful for what you have at this moment and you will find that new experiences arise over and over again – joyful experiences.

This sounds extremely simple.  Practice looking at everything in your life that makes you happy.  Focus on the good and not the bad.  By focusing on the good you will change what is happening in your life.  By focusing on being happy, you will have new, joyous experiences.

I was reading a blog from a friend of mine ( and it struck a cord!  She suggested we determine how we need to BE to get what we desire out of life.  For instance, I need to be courageous, creative, trusting, and loving to get what I desire.  I have started focusing on the way to BE so that I can HAVE my goals.  It does make a difference.   I can FEEL the difference.  Try it, you might like it!

The more you are BEING, the more you will HAVE.

Let us help you through this Menopause Mess.  Go to our Joy Store now and see what feels good to you. Your Reason For Existence Needs No Justification!


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Cheri Hickman is the co-founder of Queen Bee Biz.  As a life coach and emotional releasing expert, she along with her business partner, Vicki Kallman, support women over 40 to Bee Happy before during and after menopause.  They take you from Grumpy to Happy in 60 seconds! Click here for  24/7 happiness.

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