CHG #2 Keep Your Rose-Colored Glasses Clean!

Decades of research have shown that seeing the world through “rose-colored glasses” will give you more success, health and happiness.

Yes, looking for the positive in your daily life will give you more of what you want health, health and happiness. It can change your day from a crappy one to an enjoyable one. Wearing rose-colored glasses actually changes your brain and thought process, so you can enjoy your life. Most menopausal women look for what is not working in their lives and forget to look for what is working in their daily lives. The results are depression, feeling not enough, frustration and lots and lots of stress and tears. So maybe, it is time to dust off and clean your Rose-Colored glasses.

During the “Change” our hormones and life seem out of balanced.

Years of looking for problems to solve is not giving us purpose or joy at this time in our lives. We feel out of balanced without a road map to feel better. So let’s train your “menopause” brain to see your world differently, so you can get back on your road to joy!

In our course, “Closing the Happiness Gap-Sweet Success Package”, the very first daily exercise to retrain your brain to Bee Happy is “to look for three good things” that happened that day and record them or share them with someone. In Shawn Achor’s book, The Happiness Advantage, he shared he has used the “3 Good Things” exercise with amazing “lasting happiness” results.  He has taught this exercise all over the world to his clients with fast and permanent “happy” results. Teaching the brain to look for good can make going through “the Change” a lot less daunting.

We recorded the “Closing the Happiness – Gap Sweet Success Package” course during a tele-a-series we did earlier this year with perimenopause and menopause gals. In the first session, the assignment was the “3 Good Things” Exercise. The participants were to report how their week went through emails and when we met up again. In one short week, the results were amazing. We had one gal who was having trouble with co-workers at work for years.  After one week, reported she had a great week and got along with everyone. She asked, “Can it happen that fast?” I guess cleaning her Rose-Colored glasses supported her in retraining her brain to Bee Happy by looking for 3 good things at work.

We all have so many negative thoughts in a day which gives us few opportunities to feel happy.

It is time to change all that for good! When we clean our “Rose-Colored” glasses and see the good, it starts to put balance in our emotional side of our day. It cancels out the negative and opens us up to other positive opportunities. In return, we feel Healthier and Happier!

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Vicki Kallman is the co-founder of Queen Bee Biz.  As a life coach and emotional releasing expert, she along with her business partner, Cheri Hickman, support women over 40 to Bee Happy before during and after menopause.  They take you from Grumpy to Happy in 60 seconds! Click here for  24/7 happiness. 


CHG #1 Beliefs Cause A Happiness Gap

Your beliefs cause your unhappiness.

As you approach menopause, you start having thoughts of frustration, sometimes anger, and feeling unfulfilled. You feel like you are trapped!  This is normal, per se. Of course, what’s normal during menopause?! We’ve shared our  Happiness Gap Blogs and videos with you.  If you haven’t watched them yet, you can go to view them at Free Video Series called The Happiness Gap. Now we’re ready to take you to another level of awareness with our Happiness Gap Blogs & videos.

The free Happiness Gap videos explained why women’s happiness declines as they age and we shared some simple ways to reverse that madness. Retraining your brain is our main focus in gaining happiness back into women’s lives.

The couple of exercises we shared, get you on the path to retraining your brain. Now you get to discover more ways to Close that Happiness Gap! You deserve to have all the wealth, radiant health, and fabulous relationships you desire. You deserve to be FREE!

What beliefs did you create that are not working for you?

I know one of mine was what I heard from my Dad: “money doesn’t grow on trees”. Well maybe it doesn’t, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t have fun during my life either. (Play was always the last item on my plate.) Don’t get me wrong, my Dad loved to have fun. He just always lived in the thought of lack. At least that’s my perception. After I realized there’s ALWAYS enough, I found ways to accumulate whatever I desire.

Another phrase I grew up with “Kids are to be seen and not heard”. Wow, how does that hit the belief system? That created a pattern in me where I’ve been a very quiet person most of my life. Very unopinionated too. Sometimes that works for me, but most of the time it doesn’t. I always had a hard time expressing myself to my spouse and others I was close to. That created tension (mostly in me), a big lack of communication, and a divorce with the first marriage.

If you have beliefs and patterns that aren’t working for you; if you are feeling trapped with life, we can support you in turning those around for you. Retraining your brain will allow you to create the results in your life that will eliminate the patterns that are not working for you. Your beliefs created those patterns, so we guide you through processes to change the beliefs.

If you keep attracting the same crappy relationships, you have a belief that you don’t deserve a happy, healthy relationship.

If you are always lacking with your finances, whether you make a lot of money or not, you have a belief that there is never enough. Are you tired of living this way? You don’t have to live this way.

We’re sharing our first session of our Closing The Happiness Gap Sweet Success Package with you, so you can discover how to change your beliefs, so you can change your patterns, so you can STOP feeling frustrated, angry, and unfulfilled! Stop feeling trapped and become FREE! — Click here for your free session!

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Cheri Hickman is the co-founder of Queen Bee Biz. As a life coach and emotional releasing expert, she along with her business partner, Vicki Kallman, support women over 40 to Bee Happy before during and after menopause. They take you from Grumpy to Happy in 60 seconds! Click here for 24/7 happiness.


What’s Hijacking Your Happiness?

Dueling Brains Hijack Your Happiness!

Dueling brain, what’s that?! The Amygdala (unconscious reactions – fight or flight and looking for problems) and the Pre-frontal Cortex (reasoning – problem solver) portions of the brain are in a battle. This battle (looking for problems, looking for solutions, looking for what’s wrong) is messing with your happiness and causing you great stress. In the last 40 years, even though you have had more opportunities (due to the Equal Rights Movement), you are unable to emotionally handle all of them and still be in a balanced state.  Simply, your plate is full

Menopause is a period of time (Like a good 10 years worth of time!) when your thoughts and moods seem to take control of you. The simplest events push your buttons! Then you feel embarrassed or upset because you don’t now why you got upset in the first place. This is the battle of the dueling brains.

When you are in the battle, you are the Bitch.

The happy Queen shows up when the war is over. Research tells us about how you train your brain to create happiness or not. So how do you control your retrain your brain?  We have several ways we’ll share with you on accomplishing this feat. Our 3 free videos support you in understanding what is happening to cause the struggles you experience. In video 3 we share a very simple exercise to get you started on a path to retrain your brain. Until then, see below for a few points to put into practice.

This constant battle you are in, before, during, and after menopause, creates the declining happiness in women. We’re here to tell you there is hope! You can retrain your brain to create happiness in your life. Your thoughts are key.

Bonus – From our Closing the Happiness Gap Sweet Success Package
Suggestions to take into consideration:

  • Be aware of what you are thinking. Are you having a negative thought or a positive thought?
  • If you are having a negative thought (that’s ok, we all do), switch it to a positive thought. I put a big red X across the thought and change the thought to what I want instead of what I don’t want. This doesn’t mean you think to yourself “I want this traffic to stop being so congested”. That’s still a negative thought. You are focusing on what you don’t want.  It means “I love it when the traffic is running smoothly.” or “I’m glad I can enjoy my drive.”
  • There is one more key to this. You get to FEEL as though you already have what you want. The feeling with the thought is what initiates the positive change.

We’re determined to help women STOP the MADNESS

and increase their happiness by sharing what we’ve discovered works. Practicing our simple, unique techniques has given us the opportunity to experience what you can also have in your life! Join us on this journey to create balance, peace, and joy! Happiness is all we want for everyone. You can jump start this journey by enjoying our FREE session of the Closing the Happiness Gap Sweet Success Package! Click here for your free session!

The Happiness Advantage
Work of Professors Richard Easterlin and Anke Plagnol
Huntington Post article by Marcus Buckingham

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Cheri and Vicki are your Queen Bees and co-founders of Queen Bee Biz.  As Ambassadors for Happiness, they support amazing women over 40 to be emotional ready to have fun and Bee Happy before, during, and after the “Big Change”. 4 Weeks to Muzzle the Menopause Mess!  Click here to show you how

Renew, Rejuvenate, and Refresh during Menopause!

Is it time to change, renew, rejuvenate, and refresh yourself??

Don’t let menopause get you down.

  • Are you able to accept the changes which are coming in your life?
  • Are you feeling overwhelmed?
  • Are you feeling frustrated with your business, relationships, or your body?

Men get happier as they age. As a woman over 45, why not you? It’s not that you are feeling horrible- just not happy. Menopause creates thoughts of confusion, frustration, wondering what’s next, or there has to be more!

We experienced the same “just not happy” feelings!

You might be wondering “Where do I start?” How about starting with being happier!? Did you know being happier can renew your health, rejuvenate wealth, and refresh your relationships? So why not let us show you how by hitting the “refresh button” today!

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We’ve created this free gift because we want to share what we have discovered about happiness and how to be happier. We have done the research, implemented the techniques and become happier in the end.  It took us years of study to find out the quickest and the most effective ways to have lasting happiness. It took hours of sitting in hotel ballrooms, traveling to personal growth workshops, reading books  and listening to audios/watching videos to learn all we could about being happy in today’s world!

What we discovered along the way confirmed what we experienced in our forties – men became happier in their mid-forties than women causing “The Happiness Gap”.

Benefit from Cheri and Vicki’s Happiness research and work.

These Three “10 Minute” Videos Include:

  • The 40 year research confirming The Happiness Gap
  • What is Hijacking Women’s Happiness?
  • The Queen and the Bitch
  • A simple exercise to start you on your Happiness Journey!

This Free Happiness Gap Video Series was created just for YOU!

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And something you may not know …

Cheri and Vicki believe we all were born to be on earth to be happy and feel the joy. Suffering is optional – you can choose to be happy!

Why delay your Happiness?

Experience better health, better relationships, and abundance by being happier. Yes, even before, during, and after Menopause!

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Cheri Hickman is the co-founder of Queen Bee Biz.  As a life coach and emotional releasing expert, she along with her business partner, Vicki Kallman, support women over 40 to Bee Happy before during and after menopause.  They take you from Grumpy to Happy in 60 seconds! Click here for  24/7 happiness.




Love or Hate?

What works for you? Having thoughts of love or thoughts of hate? What results are you creating in your life? If you are having thoughts of hate, you might want to find a way to change those thoughts to change your results. I bring this up because of what I experienced today.

I encountered a dozen police officers this morning!  As they detoured me from my morning jog, I hear “Come out with your hands up.” A couple of minutes later  I’m a couple of blocks away, parallel to the house they have surrounded, I hear a gunshot!

My heart feels the dread of someone being shot. I feel sad for the person. I’m anticipating the police shot the person in the home. Whether the person had to be shot in self defense or not, my heart goes out to them.

What was going on in their life where they put themselves in that situation? I imagine what it would have been like to actually see the person shot.  I don’t like the feeling at all! I probably would have cried and maybe even gotten sick. I think about our soldiers and what they see and do. I can’t even imagine what they go through. I had all kinds of thoughts and feelings going on.

These thoughts take me back to a few decades ago when I held onto hatred. So much so, I could easily have killed someone. (A specific someone) I had gotten into a situation full of fear and hatred. I didn’t  like how I felt about that person and never, ever want to have those horrid feelings again!

It was a terrible time in my life, so I can understand how a person can get buried in those situations, thoughts, and very detrimental results. When you hear about or see someone going through a terrible time, it’s not the time to judge them. You don’t know what’s been going on in their life.

I’m extremely thankful I had a turning point which afforded me to go down a different path.  First, I had to STOP being afraid. Once that happened, I opened the door to new thoughts and better results.  It took a long time and it is a lifetime journey, however, I now live a more peaceful and loving life.

I pray daily for our world to become more peaceful, for people to realize how destructive hate is to them and everyone around them. All I can do is pray and imagine a more peaceful world. I can also share what I’ve discovered so people can “let go” of the hate and anger that causes this destruction.

If you are or know of anyone struggling with life, let them know there is hope. We can help. Click here for free videos to get them on a better path.

We would love to hear from you, please leave a comment in the comment section below!

Cheri Hickman is the co-founder of Queen Bee Biz. As a life coach and emotional releasing expert, she along with her business partner, Vicki Kallman, support women over 40 to Bee Happy before during and after menopause. They take you from Grumpy to Happy in 60 seconds! Click here for 24/7 happiness.