Reconnective Healing and You – Part 1

What You’ve Been Asking

Friends and family are always asking us questions to get a better understanding of what Reconnective Healing is all about.

We’ve created this video series to answer the questions that are most often asked, such as:

Reconnective Healing® is still healthcare’s best-kept secret.

Ana Clavell, our fellow practitioner, explains it this way. “When trying to explain what Reconnective Healing is, somehow it’s easier to explain what it’s not: it’s not a modality nor a method, it’s not a treatment nor a therapy, it doesn’t diagnose, and the practitioner’s hands have no need to physically touch the person.” “There’s no incense burning, no candle lighting, no music, no amulets of any kind. This is accessing a comprehensive spectrum of frequencies that live in a scientific field that we are all a part of. Keeping ourselves [practitioners] free from our own preconceived notions and beliefs while facilitating a healing is key to how well Reconnective Healing works,” adds Dr. Eric Pearl, its founder. Ana continues, “As the emerging field of Energy Healthcare continues to take shape, most will agree that Reconnective Healing is clearly in the forefront and a cut above the rest.”

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Don’t Forget Emotional Wellness

Last week, I did Adria Decorte’s Clarity Challenge. On day five, we all did a video about something you had an opinion on. My opinion was on the importance of emotional wellness. We are more then a physical body. We are also an emotional body. Sometimes we have to hold still and feel. Let go of what is not working for you and embrace the truth- You are whole perfect and complete!

Here is my video. Thank you Adria for a great week of clarity!

Vicki Kallman is the co-founder of Queen Bee Biz.  As a life coach and emotional releasing expert, she along with her business partner, Cheri Hickman, support women over 40 to Bee Happy before during and after menopause.  Join Cheri and Vicki on the Anti-Aging Get Away Cruise in March 2017. Click here for details!

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If Only

The word “IF” is one of the most important, potentially powerful, yet dangerous words in the English language today. Using the word in the phrase “if only” is the dangerous part. You might be wondering how in the world can this tiny two letter word be dangerous.

In case you didn’t know, the word “IF” also creates the results you have in your life.

How do you use the word “IF”? Are you saying to yourself “If only I was smarter. If only I had the courage to stand up for myself” ?  If Only is a dangerous phrase for you to use because it causes you to feel inferior, undeserving, and afraid.

How’s that working for you? I ask you that in humor because I used to be full of “If Onlys”. Mine included: “If only I’d said NO, I would be pregnant at 17”. “If only I knew how to stand up for myself”. “If only I wasn’t embarrassed to tell my family about my abusive relationship”.  Those were causing a lot of, not so good, results in my life!

“If Only” is Dangerous!

Because you use it as an excuse to stay out of trouble, not be held accountable or responsible. It allows you to be “victim” to life. I got tired of living that life! If you are tired of living that life, you might want to know what to do about it. Right?! When you have low self esteem, you are allowing life to live you instead of you living life.  That might not make a lot of sense at this point, but you will understand better once I share the solution with you.

This tiny two letter word “IF” also has unlimited possibilities that can change eternity. Which means, you can change your life with the word “IF”. Once I realized every time you use the word “IF”, it coincides with the word “Choices”. You have a choice every time to make a decision. You make decisions every nano second of the day.

So, what do you do about it, you ask? You SWITCH! I was in an abusive relationship (because allowed myself to be). I can remember the exact moment I SWITCHED! I was in a precarious situation with bodily harm about to be done upon me. In a split second, I switched! I decided to do something different and be something different.


In that exact moment “HE” knew I had changed. He gently put me down and never touched me again. My world had changed because I CHOSE different. I stopped being a victim and started living life instead of life living me.

Let me back up a minute. You’re asking, “HOW do I switch?” How about you stop the “If Only” routine and say “Wouldn’t it be Wonderful IF”? How does that feel? Now I wasn’t going around saying this phrase, however, I was imagining a better life for myself. When you switch your thoughts and images, you are retraining your brain. The more you switch from the “If Only” phrase, the more you are retraining your brain and more likely you are to make better choices.

“Wouldn’t it be Wonderful IF” Will Change Your Life!

Every time you switch from “If Only to Wouldn’t it be Wonderful If”, you are retraining your brain. As you retrain your brain for the positive, you will start to notice more positive results in your life. You’ll start having days that flow with ease, creating more peace and happiness in your life! All you have to do is be aware of the opportunities that show up for you and do something different with them. It’s your choice!

Diet and Exercise for Your Emotional Body

Junk In, Junk Out!

You’re an emotional body, as well as, a physical body requiring a diet and exercise program to keep you in balance. Just like your physical body, if you feed it junk and don’t exercise regularly, you get unhealthy results.  The same happens with your emotional body. If you put unhealthy thoughts, emotions, and beliefs in it, you’ll continue to be frustrated, stuck and unhappy.  A balanced emotional body is the foundation for you to live the second half of your life with Peace, Purpose, and Happiness.

After the age of 45, your body starts to change (with The Change). Menopause symptoms vary with each individual. You may have hot flashes. One of the worse, annoying, frustrating symptoms that can last for up to 10 years! Some women experience dramatic mood changes. They don’t even know why they are so easily upset or angry. Hormones can be your worst enemy during this period of your life.

Your body starts to change

Those extra pounds seem impossible to get rid of. You’ll notice your skin becoming drier, flakey, sagging, and loose in places you don’t want it loose.

There are many ways to support you in your physical body and you probably know what most of them are. We are here to support you in your Emotional Body. When you discover how to get through Menopause emotionally, you can do what you need to for the physical body with ease.

Just for YOU!

We’ve created an amazing diet and exercise program for your emotional body using our simple, unique Queen Bee Processes, Online Courses, and live Presentations.  Cheri and Vicki have spent years discovering what works and what doesn’t work, so you can go through The Change with ease and joy!

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Cheri Hickman is the co-founder of Queen Bee Biz. As a life coach and emotional releasing expert, she along with her business partner, Vicki Kallman, support women over 40 to Bee Happy before during and after menopause. They take you from Grumpy to Happy in 60 seconds!

The Power of Time: How Will Your Spend It? by Maria Shriver

I came across Maria’s informative and inspiring blog a few days ago. I loved her insights. As a wise mature woman who has also “been there and done that”, she gives all of us a gentle reminder to spend your time wisely. Also Rome was not built in a day. Be patient- change can be good!  I love the insight about Barbie and the video! Thank You, Maria!

I’ve been thinking about time.

I was struck this week by Vice President Joe Biden’s decision not to run for President. I was struck by the idea that he said he was “out of time” to launch a winning campaign.

I know Joe Biden and I deeply admire him, as a man, as a husband, a father and a public servant. His words got me thinking a lot about time. In our society that is so rushed, so fast, people are always saying “I don’t have any time to do this.” Or, “I ran out of time to do that.” I’ve said it myself more times than I care to admit.

Time gets away from us all, not just those trying to run for President. Joe Biden’s words got me thinking about how I’m spending my time. It got me thinking about whether I was running out of time in some area of my own life.

I’m about to start a new decade of life and I want to be more mindful of my time. I want to make sure I’m allocating it to the right people, the right projects. I want to make sure I make time for those who love me, for those who need me, for those who fill up my life. My time is mine. Mine to give away. It’s also mine to guard.

I’ve often felt exasperated with how long some things take (i.e. I was struck by this ad video that said it took Barbie 59 years to get it right). I’ve often felt rushed with how fast some things move or change. But as I’ve grown older, I’ve come to realize that some things like grief or forgiveness just take the time they do. It’s like giving birth. You cant rush it.

Some people’s process is slow and deliberate, others move so fast that we are left trying to catch up. Sometimes we all run out of time.

The truth is, I’m Barbie’s age. More than likely I have less time on this earth in front of me than I have behind me. But like Barbie, I want to get it right. So the question in front of me and you, no matter your age, is this: What to do with your time? How do you spend it? Who do you spend it with?

I want to spend it in deep connection with those I love. I want to spend it learning and growing, evolving and laughing. I want to spend more time being grateful. I want to spend it imagining what more I can do with my time here on earth. I want to spend it in conversation with God. I want to spend it writing. I want to spend it helping others as others have helped me. I want to spend it with people who value me and, yes, even with people who challenge me. Challenge me to be better, to be wiser, to be kinder. I want to spend it in nature and I want to spend it being a lot less worried about what people think. Yes, I don’t want to spend it one more minute worried about what the hell people are thinking.

I’ve met so many people who said “I wish I had more time.” “More time to spend with my kids.” “More time to spend with my friends.” “More time to do the things I really loved to do.”

There is no time like now to make time for what you really want to do. Whether you want to run for office, learn to cook or write your story, it’s all the same. Time runs out on all of us. Don’t spend any of yours worried about how others are seeing you or what others are thinking of you. Trust me, I’ve done that and it’s such a waste of time.

Today I hope you spend less time worried about what you’re not doing and more time imaging what you, and only you, can do with your time here on this earth. Don’t let it run out, make it count.

We would love to hear from you, please leave a comment in the comment section below!

Vicki Kallman is the co-founder of Queen Bee Biz.  As a life coach and emotional releasing expert, she along with her business partner, Cheri Hickman, support women over 40 to Bee Happy before during and after menopause.  They take you from Grumpy to Happy in 60 seconds! Click here for  24/7 happiness.