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Vicki Kallman, “Your Joyologist”, loves working with and guiding her clients to joy and success. She has enjoyed, over the past 10 years, being a Release Specialist and life coach who has also facilitated The Sedona Method workshops. Vicki has been a successful Jazzercise franchise owner in Las Vegas and Germany. Vicki has taken her Releasing Process to a new level. Since January 2000, Vicki has been an accomplished Toastmaster and speaker. She was the 2015 chair of the American Red Cross Clara Barton Women’s Society for Southern Nevada. Vicki is also a past Global Charity Foundation Board Member. Read more…

Cheri Hickman has been a successful business owner since 1988 specializing in communication solutions to the Las Vegas Valley. She has been awarded Small Business Person of the Year; she sits on the Board of Directors for NAWIC; she was Chairperson for the City of NLV Economic Redevelopment Advisory Board; and sat on the Board of Directors and Executive Board for the North Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce.

Cheri has been trained in Releasing Techniques to help you break through those block walls that stop you in your path to success. Cheri is a public speaker and facilitator and has been a Toastmaster since 1998. Read more…

We are committed to empower our Midlife Sisters to discover and embrace the joys of being wise and wonderful.

Our goal is to share what we have learned with our amazing Midlife Sisterhood.  We are here to deliver fabulous, premium tools and techniques which will allow you to discover your own personal joy and passion. These powerful and easy to use tools will support you in handling “your change”  with ease.

 Midlife (menopause) is a time of change for every woman.

You may be going through career changes, spiritual changes, family changes, body changes, emotional changes and wondering how to handle them.  We have experienced many of these similar changes. Your Ambassadors of Happiness are here to let you know you are “not alone”! For this reason, we have created priceless, custom-made programs for your midlife woes.

Wondering who you are and what’s next?

“Who am I? Where am I going?  I have the right to know!”  Yep, we have been there, too.  Once the kids are grown and gone, you have been working hard as a mother and full time employee or employer, you are now wondering what to do with yourself.  What is your purpose and/or passion?  We support you in finding yourself, feeling good about yourself, discovering what it is you want and guide you to your JOY with our many priceless programs and products, like our “Bee Happy Online Course”.

Vicki and Cheri have both been and still are business owners, mothers, grandmothers, and wives for over 30 years each.  They have been there, done that, bought the T-Shirt for Midlife Joy. They understand the thoughts, concerns, and feelings that come along with “The Change”. Vicki and Cheri love sharing their many “midlife” experiences and knowledge with their free updates and content.

We guide you through our unique Queen Bee “Letting Go” processes, so you can become more balanced and joyful.

When you are in balance, you are able to handle  “The Change” with ease.  You can “Let Go” and “Forgive” of all the old, “yucky / stucky” beliefs which no longer supports you and sprinkle in a little “Gratitude”.  So you can BEE  balanced and BEE happy for the rest of your life.  Our exceptional Queen Bee Processes show you how to put yourself first, so you can feel blessed, fabulous, and confident to remember you are a wise, wonderful woman. 

We Support Women to Bee Happy By:

Letting go – Clearing your mind Forgiveness – Opening your heart Being enough and gratitude – Feeding your soul 



“I approached Cheri two years ago and requested help with my anxiety issues. I needed an effective and holistic technique for dealing with my stressful life. Cheri taught me the E.F.T. technique (Sweet Spot Touch) and together we worked on my anxiety issues. It didn’t take very long for her to guide me to a calm place. She immediately deduced what the true root of my issues were. Once I understood what was really bothering me it was easy to move forward in my life and not stress out any more. Cheri gave me the tools that I need to feel calm and peaceful at all times. … “Audrey V., Las Vegas

“Although I have begun to use the release technique recently, I have been able to dissolve and maintain under control conflicts of frustration, shame, judgment, anxiety, and confidence. I have learned to be calmer, to keep my emotions under control, and to throw out and release all negative emotions. This has helped me in a great deal to go about with more ease, with more confidence, and has also allowed me to converse with others more readily and comfortably. Before, I would go around nervously, with not a lot of confidence, and would try to speak the least possible…. “P. V., Las Vegas

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