Emotions and Dis-ease

I watched the movie Emotion 2.0 last night. I’ve seen it before, but it was a good reminder of how our thoughts cause the results we have in our life.

I believe, as the people in the movie, that deep seeded beliefs can cause our dis-eases.

Here’s the process:

  • We experience an event in life
  • We have an emotion about that event
  • We form a belief from that emotion
  • We create a habit from that belief.

According to some researchers, we create up to 85% of all our beliefs by the time we are 8 years old.

Think about this. We are operating as adults based on beliefs and patterns we created as a child.

These beliefs created from emotions can be so deep seeded to where they fester in your body. When they fester in your body dis-ease begins to set in.

The movie, Emotion 2.0, explains the science behind all these remarks.

You might be wondering, “How do I get rid of these negative emotions that are causing me all the stress and dis-ease in my life?”

You can! There are several suggestions in the movie. You can also contact me for an energy healing. I use a couple of different energy healing processes.  One is Reconnective Healing and the other is Emotional Freedom Technique, EFT.

My Queen Bee Biz website has information and links for you to revieww and/or set up sessions. www.queenbeebiz.com

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