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We created Queen Bee Biz to be the ultimate and transcendent source for women’s happiness before, during, and after Menopause. Our dream is to provide natural, holistic solutions for your emotional wellness, so you can re-connect to your Peace, Purpose, and Happiness!

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News Flash!

No Techniques, No Rituals – Just YOU!  Cheri and Vicki, in their quest for discovering the latest in alternative solutions for emotional wellness, have become Reconnective Healing® Certified Foundational Practitioners, supporting you in your journey to return to an optimal state of balance.  This simple process works with the emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical sides of you. Reconnective Healing is neither a therapy nor a treatment, as it does not focus on symptoms. It’s something much, much more. Check it out! Book Your Session NOW!

Junk In, Junk Out!

You’re an emotional body, as well as, a physical body requiring a diet and exercise program to keep you in balance. Just like your physical body, if you feed it junk and don’t exercise regularly, you get unhealthy results.  The same happens with your emotional body. If you put unhealthy thoughts, emotions, and beliefs in it, you’ll continue to be frustrated, stuck and unhappy.  A balanced emotional body is the foundation for you to live the second half of your life with Peace, Purpose, and Happiness.

We’ve Cracked the Happiness Code!

Cheri and Vicki have spent years discovering what works and what doesn’t work. Yes, they’ve cracked the Happiness Code, so you can go through The Change with Peace, Purpose, and Happiness! As a result, we’ve created amazing diet and exercise programs to balance your emotional body using our simple, unique Queen Bee Processes,(Which clears your mind, opens your heart, feeds your soul); our Online Courses, and live Presentations.

Here’s what our friends and clients are saying about our Queen Bee Teleseries, Online Courses, and Seminars on our Emotional Wellness Techniques:

Lynette Macauley“A funny thing happened last week with Cheri. ….While lying on the table, a few minutes after she began, immediately a solution I was pondering on for several weeks came to me crystal clear. …. The procrastination from the past is gone, feeling calm and confident is present, creativity is at an all time high. I’m attracting pro-active situations like never before…. I vote to everyone reading this to call Cheri, find out about Reconnective Healing, make an appointment. …. So grateful for Cheri and Vicki. … I love how I am feeling and glad I called Cheri..You will also.” Lynette Macauley, Las Vegas, NV

Linda Evans“I’ve been wanting to tell you how you affected my life with just one simple question: “Do you want to be happy or do you want to be right?”  Today, I choose happy. You set me on a path of discovery that led me to unwrap the Tao. I live it every day and my life has never been better. I now choose to live in the flow, vortex, light, whatever you want to call it. I call this secret “love” and I’ll always be grateful to you.” Linda Evans in Reno, Nevada

“The (Closing the Happiness Gap) tele-series was an affordable and convenient support mechanism for me. The direction provided by the Queen Bees to complete a short list of daily tasks motivated me to utilize the tools that assist me with two of my daily challenges: changing negative thoughts into positive ones, and accepting and loving myself for who I am. The session kept me upbeat during the cold winter months when normally at that time of the year I am fighting the winter blahs.” JoEllen Hahn-Boos, Kansas City, KS

Audrey Dorenbaum picture“I recently had the pleasure of participating in the Closing the Happiness Gap program. Half way through the program I started to receive miracles; one major miracle in particular. I learned three new skills in the program; meditate daily, write down three good things that happen every day and release negative thoughts via the tapping technique. The combination of the trilogy seems to have shifted my energy into a very calm loving place. I am having more positive thoughts than negative thoughts. …  I have not been 100% diligent with the trilogy but even at 80% participation, my life seems to be calmer and happier. … I am happier and the people around me are happier as well. Give yourself the greatest gift of a lifetime and learn how to be happy.” … Audrey Dorenbaum, Las Vegas, NV

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